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10 January 2007 Blog Home : January 2007 : Permalink

Baked Bean Maths

To go along with the Verizon Maths noted a couple of days ago here we present proof that the English and the French apparently measure/count things differently.

If you can't see the images click on them to enlarge or just take my word for the fact that the labels are inconsistent. In the English ingredients Beans are 51% and Tomatoes are 33%. In the French version we have only 49% Haricots blancs (beans) and 27% Tomates. I'd be curious to see what proportions are in Heinz baked beans bought in other countries and I'd love to know what the explanation for this state of affairs is.

PS the French label is stuck on top of the English ingredients so it can't (in this case) be due to Heinz having different recipes for different countries.

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