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10 January 2007 Blog Home : January 2007 : Permalink

ETA takes propaganda lessons from the PLO

That's the only explanation I can think of for the fact that even after admitting that they bombed Madrid Airport, ETA claims that the ceasefire still holds:

"Eta confirms that the permanent ceasefire declared on March 24 still stands and claims responsibility for the Madrid attack," the group said in what many will see as an extraordinary statement made to Gara, a pro-independence Basque newspaper which frequently serves as a mouthpiece for Eta.

But that isn't all, in an act of chutzpah that even the Palestinians generally eschew, it also manages to blame the Spanish authorities for the fact that two people were killed:

"The aim of this armed attack was not to cause victims and [Eta] condemns the fact that the car park was not evacuated despite three calls, more than an hour beforehand, giving exact details of the location of the explosive device," the statement read. Eta said it wanted to promote the peace process but reserved the right to "respond" to government "aggression" against the pro-independence movement.

As EURSOC says we can only hope that the Spanish authorities show some sort of spine in response, something that has nto hitherto been a feature of the Zapatero government, but which may possibly be given the comments of the interior minister.

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