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09 January 2007 Blog Home : January 2007 : Permalink

UKIP Gets Some Serious Politicians

To go with its much improved policies, UKIP now has politicians who aren't easily dismissed as nutters. As reported by the Devil and the EU Referendum two former Conservative peers have decided to represent UKIP instead. I could be wrong but if the Nouveaux Conservatives continue their leftwards march then I suspect a number of other Tories of similar beliefs will do likewise. This is, in my opinion, excellent news.

The problem with UKIP has historically been that it has atteacted "colourful" candidates. It has also tended to suffer from the other problem of fringe parties: purges, schisms and other internal political manoevering that make it hard to take seriously. I hope that this, combined with the excellent work the Devil is doing in trying to hash out sensible policies, means that UKIP can now become an effective force in British politics.

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