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14 December 2006 Blog Home : December 2006 : Permalink

Bluffs will be called

The question is whose? It seems that Eason Jordan of (ex)CNN fame has a new venture called Iraqslogger as part of which he intends to track down the AP's man of mystery. He has publically invited Michelle Malkin to come along and she has accepted. For some reason a blog called the Liberal Avenger thinks she's going to find a weasel excuse and be a no show.

Malkin is so concerned about the Associated Press’ efforts to make things look “really bad” in Iraq when things are really actually going really well, that she has accepted Eason Jordan’s invitation to send her to Iraq.

Now I know and you know that Michelle has no intention of going to Iraq. She’s stuck her neck out a bit on this one, however. What excuse will she use to keep herself from going?

Will she claim that Eason Jordan refused to pay? Will she describe a murky Islamofascist/moonbat plot that will force her to stay at home? Will she claim that the Iraqi government won’t give her a visa? Will she, like Bill O’Reilly, claim to discover that she’s on an al-Qaeda hitlist?

At least we know that Baghdad isn’t as dangerous as Paris. She’s got that going for her.

I don't personally see why Michelle would not go to Iraq and I'm prepared to say that I'll be a lot less impressed with her if she does in fact become a no show. The only reasonable excuse that I can see is that she hand her place over the Curt at Flopping Aces - this being basic professional courtesy given that Curt did most of the initial digging.

However my expectation is that the LA will join the AP in the consumption of corvid in the new year.

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