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The Shadow of the Olive Tree

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05 December 2006 Blog Home : December 2006 : Permalink

Mexican Food Blogging

She Who Must Be Obeyed is a keen cook - as you may have guessed - and she loves trying out new things. We've been here in France for 7 years and in that time we have had hardly any Mexican food, something that we had a lot of in the previous few years in San Jose. In the last 7 years SWMBO had never tried cooking Mexican food because it tends to require lots of fresh cilantro and we had no idea where to find this thing. Possibly we were blind or possibly the local shops just started stocking it but I'm glad to say that a few weeks ago I spotted cilantro (aka coriandre) leaves in Auchan. Well when I showed that to SWMBO she was inspired and we've had a couple of Mexican evenings.

One big hit was the home made tacos plus fillings plus home made guacamole illustrated above. Another was today's sorta Mole Poblano

Unlike the tacos this one was a bit of an adaption on the real thing - mexican chocloate? no way Jose! - but it certainly tasted good and wasn't a million miles away from the Mole Poblano we used to eat in our favourite dive in Milpitas (the excellent Baja Cactus)

I despise l'Escroc and Vile Pin