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26 November 2006 Blog Home : November 2006 : Permalink

10 things I'd never do

James at Nourishing Obscurity tagged me for this. Tricky question because I've done quite a lot of stupid and/or implausible things so I see no reason to limit myself to particular physical actions. Hence I think I'll go for a more philosophical or perhaps metaphysical set of things that I'll never do. Anyway here they are
  1. Vote for a socialist of any description
  2. Vote for a rise in taxes
  3. Trust the government
  4. Trust the media
  5. Become a devout Moslem or Mormon
  6. Or a devout believer in any other or pseudo religion (e.g. Ecology)
  7. Regret anything
  8. Stop reading books
  9. Stop travelling
  10. Lose my English accent in any foreign language
Probably too late to tag anyone - but I guess all those local bloggers on my list might enjoy so here goes:
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