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08 November 2006 Blog Home : November 2006 : Permalink

Republican Tyranny

One quick thought about those US elections. The hysterical lefties who seemed to be claiming that Bush/Rove and co were installing themselves a dictatorship look pretty damn silly now. Almost as silly as those worrying about Diebold vote fraud delivering fake votes to the Republicans. The question is what happens when (in a few years) the republicans get their shit together, threaten and then kick out the now incumbent dims? do they leave quietly and clamly or do they throw the mother of all tantrums?

Second and subsequent thoughts from EjectEjectEject who is writing again (Yippee).

We have to accept the fact that the conservatives we sent to Congress in 1994 became the bloated, earmarking, tone-deaf toads of 2006. They thought they could do whatever they wanted, regardless of what their constituents think, and now they have been reminded of just who is working for whom. Remedying that sense of isolation and disconnect and unchecked power is why we have elections in the first place, and as to the consequences of it, we have no one to blame but ourselves. That imperial attitude is not unique to Republicans or Democrats. That is human nature, and correcting the excesses of human nature only becomes more costly and painful the longer it is allowed to go on. Democracy is error-correcting. Ask John Kerry.


"Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing...after they have exhausted all other possibilities." -- Winston Churchill

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