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NaNoWriMo and other Writing Stuff

So -sry has managed to get this idle expat off his duff and do some writing for NaNoWriMo. I've written 1914 words so far today and managed to involve Dr Josephine Buckley - a smart and gorgeous physics teacher. Pity her name seems to mean that she's going to have a nasty accident sometime, ah well.

The mendacious -sry also slandered me at Baen's Bar by claiming that I was scared to publish this excellent site on French cusswords that I found and recommended to her for her Nanowrimo effort.

Because Francis is too shy to post it here himself (hahahaha, well he's too something, maybe POLITE?) and because I have no shame, I just HAVE to share this site with you guys...

 She's a woman, what can I say? they inveigle you into things that you regret and then they tell (kosher in this case) porky pies about them; the fact that I was heading for my daily eight hours of slumber at the time never seems to have crossed her mind. Me, I stick to the Adam defense of "the woman made me do it". It didn't work for him, it has never worked for me, but it has great tradition and as a conservative gentleman I feel bound to observe traditions where and whenever possible.

In other semi-related news. It seems that there are a group of would be writers and bloggers down here on the Riviera that I've never heard of before. Thanks to the blueVicar for telling me the she (I think its a she) was linking to me and a load of others that I am adding to my blogroll under "local". There is even a writing group - maybe I can crash their next event?

Life is très bon, all I have to do now is find a way to add a certain -sry to the giggle of schoolgirls who are going to have nasty accidents under the auspices of Dr J Buckley - or her heirs and exucutors...

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