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15 October 2006 Blog Home : October 2006 : Permalink

Health Warnings

Apparently the British Nanny-staters, impressed by the massive success of cigarette health warnings to stop smoking and the smashing american success at stopping drinking the same way, are trying to do the same thing and put health warnings on booze. I have to agree with the Black Quill:

Why doesn’t the government go to the root of the matter, namely the fact that consistently bad and lying government is driving us all to drink? More so with the erosion in the quality in life their stupid asinine policies bring. An Englishman’s home is not so much a castle as a breeding ground for prying social workers.

Next step will be to copy the Massachussets nanny-staters. Last week I was utterly amazed to see that in Baahston the restaurants all seemed to have a health warning about "partially cooked and uncooked food" possibly containing lurgies (I forget the exact wording). Not that it stopped me from having rare steak or salad and not that warnings of botles of booze that "driving or operating machinery while becoming pregnant" is a bad and dangerous thing.

I despise l'Escroc and Vile Pin