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06 October 2006 Blog Home : October 2006 : Permalink

The BBC Omits...

I doubt this comes as any surprise to anyone really. But it is a sad commentary on the way the BBC fails to mention certain things that might upset certain people - you know people who are believers in a "religion of peace".

Here's part of the BBC article:

Police patrols have been on alert after three nights of violence targeted a Berkshire dairy owned by Muslims.

The Medina Dairy in Windsor was hit by a suspected petrol bomb on Wednesday evening, on the third night of unrest.

Police increased their patrols in the Dedworth area, but said there had been no incidents of violence on Thursday night and no further arrests.

Three people were arrested on Tuesday and one was later charged with being in possession of an offensive weapon.

Police had said they would use "robust policing tactics" to bring the situation under control.

'Verbal dispute'

Police have said another two petrol bombs were found near the dairy.

The disorder started on Monday evening following what is believed to have been a minor verbal dispute between a group of youths and another person.

Notice the bit I have italicised and underlined? Any idea of the identities of the "group of youths" or the "another person". Do you think maybe it was a bunch of skinheads taunting the poor muslim owner maybe? well it could be because you don't have any further information do you?

Fortunately Ranting Stan is able to point to the Daily Express (front page) article on the same topic:

The outbreak of disorder began after a mother and her daughter were set upon by a gang of 20 Asian youths armed with baseball bats, iron bars and pitchforks.

The shaven-headed thugs – all dressed in white robes – launched the attack after pouring out of a former office building which is being used as an unofficial mosque.

They attacked Karen Hayes, 46, and her 18-year-old daughter Emily before turning their weapons on the teenager’s car. The pair had gone to help after Karen’s 15-year-old son Sean and a friend were beaten up by the gang. Police have said it is unlikely the mob will be brought to justice.

So now we know that the gang were from the "religion of peace", who seem to have picked on the wrong people to try and put the frighteners on. Is it just me who thinks that this is a rather critical bit of information?

Update: From the Biased BBC comment thread comes this excellent article with much background info:

There are accusations that members of staff from Medina Dairy have been intimidating people as they cut through Shirley Avenue from the recreation ground next to St Edward's Royal Free Ecumenical Middle School.

Lorna Habgood, a mother of two, from Dedworth said: "The security guards from the dairy are aggressive and abusive to mums collecting their kids from school. They won't let anyone down Shirley avenue because they say it's their land."

Argument has raged for more than two years over the dairy's use of Shirley Avenue - a public road - which residents say is often blocked by the dairy's workers and lorries.

Further anger has erupted over Medina Dairy's application for an 'Islamic education and community centre' in one of their buildings in Shirley Avenue.

Now it seems outrage has hit boiling point with the property already being used as a prayer room without hearing the outcome of the application to use it as one.

Linda Bund, from Vale Road, owner of Take a Break cafe on Dedworth Road said : "I am not opposed to anyone learning or practicing religion, but using premises off Vale Road causes chaos.

"It's all very well having a disagreement over planning issues but attacking women and intimidating people is not on, it's disgusting. We are not prejudice at all in my family but it is outrageous and I don't like the bad feeling it's creating."

Cynthia Endacott, (Clewer north: West Windsor Residents' Association) said: "They do not have permission to use that building as a prayer room. The police have done nothing and the council have done nothing either.

"I am very concerned about there being a permanent prayer room. It is a residential area and I would not be in favour of any sort of place of wor-ship in such a place."

Sardar Hussain, managing director of Medina Dairy, claimed it was his security guard who was initially attacked and said: "I want to work co-operatively with the West Windsor Association. I wish to be more involved in the community here in West Windsor if given the opportunity.

"I have friends and colleagues of many religions. I am a strong believer that people of all religions should try to co-operate and play their part in communal life."

Slough MP, Fiona Mactaggart said: "At any time Islamophobic attacks are unacceptable. In this holy month of Ramadan it is particularly distressing for the Muslim community to be victims of hatred.

"I am determined that all other commmunities in this area should stand by them.

"I have contacted the local police to ask them to make tackling the dangerous violence and anti-social behaviour a top priority."

Mind you, you begin to understand why these Muslims seme to think they can get away abusing planning laws when it seems that the police and politicians are more concerned about "Islamophobia" than anything else.

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