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05 October 2006 Blog Home : October 2006 : Permalink

Progressive Morals and Brains

I wrote last week about the ridiculous analogy that certain so-called progressives a.k.a. liberals (a.k.a. moobats) had between dressing in a bikini in private and complaining about the over sexualization of public TV. Well it gets better and better.

Firstly a wee update via Michelle Malkin - the ladies who had their photos (and bodies) stolen to make the photoshopped "scanadlous" images have been identified and have written about how pissed off they are at the photoshopping. Needless to say no one has bothered to reply (let alone apologise) to them - or even, as far as I can tell, acknowledge that they are real people.

But then of course there is the whole Foley situation. I'm buggered if I understand all the details but I'm fairly sure that, while Foley does indeed appear to be a perfect candidate for the british Liberal Democrat party, the actions of some other republicans are not quite as scandalous as the progressives would have us believe. Indeed it seems that as we look closer at the story the more of a put up job it seems to be, and it only looks really bad because the MSM seems unable (or unwilling in this case) to comprehend the difference between email and instant messaging - one wonders what will happen when the democrat equivalent of Mr Foley is exposed, will the MSM explain the nice difference between emails, IMs, IRC chats, blog comments etc. etc..

But it gets more surreal. Allegedly some progressives have received a list of homosexual republicans and are debating whether or not they should release the list and out these people. I have a problem understanding why people who are normally in favour of privacy and gay-rights should even consider the possibility of outing homosexuals. Amazingly the discussion seems to be more about the political benefits (or damage) that might acrue rather than whether it would be ethically or morally acceptable:

Just as troubling are concerns among some House Democrat staff that there are potential scandals lurking of a similar vein for them. According to another Democrat source, "I've been warning my people to stay away from this story because you just don't know what will come back to bite you."

Which leads me right back to the questions I posed about the bikini affair. Why would anyone with half a brain think that being a closeted homosexual was similar to being (apparently) a possible paedophile?

Then there is the femministe, gawker etc. shock at the Fox attempt to buy off the Phelps sickos by giving them an hour of other air time instead.

The controversial anti-homosexual Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kan., has canceled its plans to stage a protest at the funerals of the five Amish girls executed in their Pennsylvania school, a church official said Wednesday.

Shirley Phelps-Roper, the daughter of church's pastor, told FOXNews.com the group canceled the protests in exchange for an hour of radio time Thursday on syndicated talk-show host Mike Gallagher's radio program.

"We're not going to any of the Amish funerals — that's the agreement we're making — that we won't go to any of them," Phelps-Roper told FOXNews.com.

Now I think that this may turn out to be a tactical error because it may embolden the phelpsites to try this sort of blackmail again but I also think that it has the chance to be a rather shrewd move to utterly discredit the phelpsites. Why? two reasons. Firstly I'm about 99% sure that their raving will end up alienating a large number of potential sympathisers who may share some misgivings about homosexuality and feel that the phelpsites are a misunderstood and persecuted group but who, after listening to them, will realize that they are total scum. Secondly, hencefore it will be easy to make the argument that the phelpsites are unprincipled publicity hunters and therefore that the media need no longer pay any attention to them whatsoever. In other words this hour broadcast by Fox is likely to be the last publicity they get on any "right wing" media outlet and will guarantee that they will be treated with utter contempt even by other "homophobic fundamentalist" christians.

Unfortunately the sort of logical analysis I'm making here seems to be beyond the progressives who combine bizarre conspiracy theories with an inablity to perform strategic analysis or, in some cases, basic logic...

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