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20 September 2006 Blog Home : September 2006 : Permalink

Marie Antoinette Mugabe

Zimbabwe has one of the highest inflation rates in the world thanks to Comrade Bob Mugabe's completely screwed up government. In an attempt to try and reduce its effects Comrade Bob declared that bread could only be sold at a particular price - so maybe he has heard of Marie Antoinette? Unfortunately, as the BBC reports, inflation has now made life a little tricky for bakers:

Shops in the Zimbabwe capital Harare are running short of bread after three top food-makers were arrested for over-charging for their products.

Prices of bread and other staple foods are controlled by the government and bakers say the official price does not even meet production costs.

So rather than trying to fix the inflation rate Comrade Zim forces the bakers to make a loss on every loaf they produce. Something tells me that the shortage of bread is going to continue. In further echoes of Marie Antoinette the BBC repot continues:

The AFP news agency reports that some shops have got extra supplies of rolls and scones, as their prices are not controlled.

Let them eat rolls and scones then!

PS no one in Zimbabwe can read this because as the article also explains the Zimbabwe phone company "forgot" to pay the bill on the satellite internet conenction for the whole country. Since paying the bill requires hard currency and the country doesn't have any this shut off could be somewhat prolonged.

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