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17 September 2006 Blog Home : September 2006 : Permalink

Muslim Killers

One of the excuses the apologists for Islam use to defend the terrorists and gangsters who seem determined to kill people in the name of the "religion of peace" is that its all the fault of the rest of us. For invading Iraq, supporting Israel, not supporting the Palestinians etc. The problem is that there are at least two Muslim inspired conflicts where this doesn't apply. The first is Darfur. In Sudan the arab Muslims, having failed to completely wipe out the non Muslim black africans in the south have decided to go after the Muslim blacks in Darfur.

Today is/was the Global Day for Darfur. A day for protests around the world and a day when we ought to be asking every single Muslim nation why they continue to support the genocidal government in Khartoum. A govenerment which seems determined to tell the world to go away while it continues to kill its own people as the BBC reports:

The government has stressed that any UN troops entering Darfur would be met with armed resistance.

On Saturday 1,000 volunteers from a pro-government militia marched through the streets of Khartoum threatening to kill any uninvited UN visitors, the BBC's Jonah Fisher reports from the city.

Violence in the region is reported to be rising again, drawing criticism from figures as diverse as the UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, and actor George Clooney, who this week implored the UN Security Council to act.

[ Meanwhile in another African muslim country beginning with S - Somalia - some Muslims show great courage by shooting a 66 year old nun in the back, presumably in revenge for the Pope supposedly claiming that Islam is a religion of violence. At least they killed a Roman Catholic, unlike the idiots who burned the Anglican church down - a mistake akin to burning down a Wahhabi mosque because Ayatollah Sistani criticised Christianity ]

Meanwhile half a world away in Thailand the Muslim terrorists killed four people (including a Canadian tourist) in their fight for a "Muslim state" in southern Thailand - at least that is presumably the goal, the terrorists have yet to make clear unambiguous statements about what they hope to achieve. Also, as the BBC reported ealier this year, the Muslim terrorists seem as keen to kill fellow Muslims who are suspected of collaboration as they are to kill non Muslims.

And  few days ago in India the protests over the Papal saying degenerated into what would be farce except that people were seriously injured when two different Muslim groups protesting the Pope started fighting each other.

If Muslims want to be taken seriously as peace loving tolerant members of the global society then they need to start getting involved in stopping these killers who seem prepared to kill in the name of their religion even when there isn't any provocation from evil American/Zionist pigs.

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