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09 September 2006 Blog Home : September 2006 : Permalink

California... vasectomy

Posting some sort of a "best of spam" thing looks like it could be a semi-regular weekly feature seeing as I frequently spend saturday delving ito the spam folders to make sure that I didn't miss something that got classified as spam. This week's gem is

Subject: California... vasectomy

Yours free $1000 are waiting for you!
Dont go to Vegas, vegas is going to you!
Poker, Hold'em, Black Jack, Slots, etc...
inflame heathkit
who would need witches jelly and for what.
glycogen copyright
Benny finally noticed him. His horrible face, covered with blue and

Firstly what's up with this vasectomy thing? and why in California? it is perhaps a slightly better subject than "07 {month} 2006 {VlidWOrds}" which is another one in the spam folder but no where near as enticing as "You've got new mail from Natalia, 25 years old, Rusia, matchmaking feminism"

I'm not quite clear where Rusia is, nor what matchmakign feminism is but it sounds intriguing none the less...

But to go back to the vasectomy mail - I too wonder who would need witches jelly and for what? and could it be to cure the horrible face covered with blue and inflamed heathkit? possibly with a side order of glycogen copyright?

Other great subject lines ths week

I despise l'Escroc and Vile Pin