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03 September 2006 Blog Home : September 2006 : Permalink

Odd google searches

Had a look at my sitemeter and discovered that one reason people visit my site is the search for "water in my driveway". I am #3 in google for that phrase and, coincidinkly, numero uno is an entry in John Scalzi's blog, a blog that I'm about to add to my blogroll.

Bizarrely the phrase in my post which I would have thought would catch google's imagination "ceci n'est pas un tuyau" only works in the image search for locating the post - or rather the flickr image I used to illustrate it.

Oh and totally different news. Miss Snark is doing her Crapometer thing reviewing would be queries and first pages of aspiring authors who want an agent (and publisher). This is damn good stuff, very very informative and equally snarky. Mucho thanks to ~sry for raving about the site. Somehow the Beatle's "Paperback Writer" is running through my hungover brain like a particularly irritating piece of elevator muzack now that I've read (skimmed) the 31 snarked entries on the page.

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