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25 August 2006 Blog Home : August 2006 : Permalink

Greenpeace Does Some Good

I don't, as a general rule, have a huge amount of sympathy with tree-huggers and other similar enviro-cranks. However this week Greenpeace, perhaps the best known group of tree-huggers, has been doing a couple of good things

Firstly, hands up anyone who knew about the enormous oil spill in the Philippines? Yeah me neither until I read a couple of blogs - nourishing obscurity and black quill - and even with this knowledge I haven't seen it spread about much. Greenpeace however has been doing a good deal about the oilspill in the Philippines, as well as the other two current worries, the Lebanon one and the Indian ocean one. I give Greenpeace a qualified thumbs up here, it would have been a complete one except that, according to their blog, they've now abandoned the site to do something else.

In the mediterranean though I give them a solid thumbs up for drawing attention to the EU CFP, the French fishermen and the overfishing of tuna. Lots of news coverage because the French fishermen reacted strongly to the appearence of the Rainbow Warrior II. Of course getting the message through to Brussels may be a bit harder, but it seems to me that the pressure to cut fishing (of all species of fish) in the Mediterranean is growing and this is primarily because of Greenpeace's efforts.

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