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23 August 2006 Blog Home : August 2006 : Permalink

Speedy Diesel

I'm not sure what it is about the British and fast cars but Andy Green, the gentleman who drove Thrust SSC II to its supersonic record of 763.035mph, is now also the holder of the record for the world's fastest diesel powered car.


Bonneville Salt Flats: Today the record-breaking JCB DIESELMAX achieved a stunning 350mph (563kph)* to break its own land speed record for diesel-powered cars set yesterday by Andy Green.

On Tuesday, JCB DIESELMAX became the world’s fastest diesel when Green drove it to an FIA-sanctioned speed of 328.767mph (526.027kph). Today he improved on that significantly with a new record of 350.092mph (563.418kph) after two passes in opposite directions, within one hour.

Running soon after daybreak he recorded 365.779mph (588.664kph) on his first run and 335.695mph (540.248kph) on his return, giving the average of 350.092mph (563.418kph).

As he was feted by his jubilant crew, Green said: “I am so pleased that we have got the car to 350mph which was always our ultimate goal and that was with a slow start to the second run. There is so much more to come as the car is pulling like a train and we still haven’t used sixth gear! (my emphasis)


If they haven't got into sixth gear yet I'm sure that 350mph is not going to be the final word, so much for the idea - already demolished by Audi - that diesels are slow and smelly. And you have to love this bit:

JCB DIESELMAX was JCB Chairman Sir Anthony Bamford's brainchild, born of his desire to showcase the extreme performance of the JCB444 diesel engine which normally powers the company's backhoe loaders and Loadall telescopic handlers.

I'm sure that Germans at Audi will be a tad upset at seeing a bulldozer engine beat their Le Mans racing car. Four sprung duck technique as they say in Germany...

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