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11 August 2006 Blog Home : August 2006 : Permalink

The Coming Pogroms

You can worry about backlashes, worry about radicalization because of discrimmination and do other sorts of hand-wringing but the fact remains that the overwhelmin majority of terrorist outrages around the world are caused by Muslims and the groups which have the greatest problems assimilating into the western world are Muslim. From big things, such as the lists of terror suspects and honour killings, to little things, such as supporting the Pakistani cricket team when playing in England, the evidence is there. The question is what to do.

Obviously not all Muslim immigrants are terrorists or even disloyal - the BBC sport link above is about the abuse that Sajid Mahmood got playing for England against Pakistan - and in some ways the "cricket test" which that incident reminds me of is unfair, because mild support for one's country of origin is not a bad thing. But disclaimers aside, if Muslims wish to avoid discrimmination and suspicion then they have to root out the evil in their communities and religion. If they don't do it themselves there will be others who do it for them and by not being part of the community they will tend to work on the "overkill is safer than leaving some behind" school of thought and kill quite a few who don't deserve it. There is, IMO, a window of opportunity now for the Muslim immigrants to the west to get their house in order. As the Torygraph leader today explains this is not something that lends itself to top down governmental edict, but something that the immigrants have to do themselves. It is also something that these immigrants need support from the government and rest of society to do, and that means less confusion over who is the victim and who is the criminal and other similar politically correct BS.

I expect that in the Anglosphere - even in craven Londonistan - the clean up will occur over the next few years because even despite ZANU labour's attempts to turn the UK into another European state the core of the anglosphere is self reliance and responsibility for oneself and ones own. I fear very much that it will not occur in France, Belgium, Sweden and other European countries for a while if ever, mostly because everyone is trained from an early age to look to the government to provide solutions. As has become apparent though the European governments prefer to sweep the problems under the carpet and that will, I fear, lead to a really unpleasant explosion at some point in the future. Blogs such as Gates of Vienna have reported the drastic rise of crime in the high unemployment immigrant areas of cities such as Malmö, at some point I expect the immigrant gangs to step too far and reap the consequences.

Consider this scenario. Some immigrant gang of youths gang rape a group of Swedish girls in a public square. The police fail to come to the rescue despite one of the rape victims calling on her phone and maybe even taking pictures using the camera phone. Some of the gang members also use their camera phones to take pictures and these images get sent around the internet. There will probably be a fight, followed by a riot, as a large number of young Swedish males decide that they should take the law into their own hands. The police may possibly quell the first night's riot but cell-phone and IM chats, as well as police sympathy for the Swedish rioters, means that on the second day the police are unable to keep the rioters out from the immigrant suburbs. The rioters then set petrol stations alight and generally start burning the place while preventing the fire brigade from responding. They also prevent anyone from leaving. Somehow a gas main is cracked at the base of one of the blocks of flats. The cellars and lower floors of the building fill with gas before some idiot decides to light a cigarette. The resulting fuel air bomb destroys the entire block and most of its neighbours killing or seriously wounding thousands.

Copycat riots occur in Göteborg, Oslo and other scandinavian cities. Then the neo-nazi Germans decide to burn out the Turks. Then they spread to the banlieues of France and to Brussels, Antwerp, Rotterdam and so on. Total death toll in the millions.


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