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War in Haifa powerpoint shows

Disclaimer: Just in case it isn't blindingly obvious when you download them - these are not my work and I got them from a person who appears to be the creator by email.

It is possible that these are fakes but I judge that unlikely since they resemble some of the other images of Haifa that we have seen. Mind you we haven't seen many photos of Haifa for some reason. I reckon there are a couple of reasons
  1. Little or no blood, gore or other nastiness
  2. Its just another terrorist outrage (as opposed to a military strike)
  3. (and the BBC special) its just those scummy joos so who cares?
Anyway I hope to extract the images and make them available but this is taking up valuable drinking time so it isn't happening yet and hence I figure I might as well get the powerpoint presentations up for general use.

Share & Enjoy (and many thanks to Lenny M for taking the photos and creating the shows)
  1. War in Haifa 1
  2. War in Haifa 2 (missing)
  3. War in Haifa 3
  4. War in Haifa 4
  5. War in Haifa 5
  6. War in Haifa 6
Technical notes. Powerpoint viewer here if you don't have another way to view the shows. If bandwidth demands kill this server I'll move them or make them available as bittorrents. If things are really slow that probably means I haven't done that yet and they are really popular - sorry.

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