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06 August 2006 Blog Home : August 2006 : Permalink

Mel "Pisshead" Gibson

I'm not going to comment much on this. To be honest I don't know whether I've seen a film that Mel Gibson has been in - I know I haven't seen either Braveheart or his Christ movie but I think I probably saw one of the others. Certainly if he were to share a flight with me down to Nice on his way to St Tropez or Monaco I doubt I'd know him from Adam.

But the world seems fascinated by whether he hates Jews or not. So far stick me in the unconvinced camp. There is no doubt that his father is as anti-semitic as it comes. The question is whether it is "like father, like son" or not. I think it is more likely that he just let the booze speak and regurgitate the sorts of things he was taught as a kid rather than "in vino veritas" but the only person who really knows which is the truth is Mel. Until he shows some non alcohol induced evidence I'll give hei a pass for that.

What I don't give him a pass for is getting caught for DUI and then losing it. This is not classy behaviour and makes it clear to me that whether or not he is an anti-semite he can't hold his drink. Look I know many people who have been done for DUI - its never happened to me, but it could have a couple of times - and the basic rule is shut up and take it like a man. No whinging. No swearing. Just shut up, do the test stuff and call your lawyer. If you can't follow these basic rules then you deserve everything coming your way because you are clearly a pisshead who doesn't recognise how impaired you are when drunk and I never want to share a road (or any other public space for that matter) with you because I simply can't tell when you are going to be in control and when not. Not to mention that if you have as much money as Mel why the fuck are you driving yourself anyway?

The guy's a pisshead, he needs to be dried out and then to stay that way. Otherwise, anti-semite or not, he'll most likely kill or seriously injure himself or some innocent who happens to be near him when he's drunk.

I despise l'Escroc and Vile Pin