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06 August 2006 Blog Home : August 2006 : Permalink

UN Resolution - DOA.

To the sound of much rejoicing from the chattering classes, the US and France have sorted out their differences and come up with a draft UNSC resolution on Lebanon. Greg at the Belgravia Despatch has the text and I am fairly confident that Hezbollah is not going to agree to any part of it, hence the resolution will demonstrate just how powerless the UN is to stop terrorist entities.

Why do I think it is dead? because the resolution calls for the implenation of previous UN resolutions about the disarming of Hezbollah and there is no way that Hezbolah can accept this withot it being clear that it has lost. This sort of a loss tends to result in the death by lead poisoning of the leadership.

Hezbollah's resistance to this wonderful resolution, assuming that the rest of the world governments (excluding Hezbollah supporters) and some of the Lebanese government come out in support of it - I expect the PM Siniora to huff and puff but eventually come around to agreement and I would not be surprised if senior Christian and Druze leaders do too - should also make it clear that Hezbollah is the problem. I doubt that some of the more loony of the liberal elites in the West will ever admit it but I do expect that the more sane majority will eventually come to this conclusion.

Quite what will happen next is unclear but I suspect that Hezbollah is going to find that the MSM will no longer be quite so happy to paint Hezbollah as the plucky resistance and may well start reporting on the stage management of Hezbollah's press trips. Much depands on Iran but if Iran's leadership continues its raving in speeches supporting Hezbollah then, just possibly, the West will recognize that Israel is not in fact the bad guy in this conflict. And on that note I hope later today to upload a lot of pictures of hezbollah rocket damage in Haifa that I have received.

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