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02 August 2006 Blog Home : August 2006 : Permalink

Hezbollah Bunkers

A friend of a friend got these pictures of Hezbollah's bunkers in Southern Lebanon. Click on the images to see them enlarged. The images appear to originate with the IDF but according to my translator (thanks Unicorn) the Hebrew is somewhat less that perfect, to put it mildly.
Hezbollah bunker 1
First picture: During the scans(general patrols without a specific target) performed yesterday by an elite unit in Southern Lebanon north of Aviviim against Hizbala infrastructure. In a tangled, overgrown area was[uses the plural but it's an idiotic typo in Hebrew and this thing is bad enough already] located the entrance to an underground Hizbala bunker which contained war making materials* including a recoilless gun which had been used to fire on Israel and the entrance of a tunnel which was used by the organization.
In the picture: The bunker's entrance - estimated size one meter by half a meter and it leads to a structure dug deep in the ground (over five meters according to the soldiers estimate). Photograph by IDF speaker.
*'war fighting materials' is the literal translation of the term but can mean anything from a couple of detonators or a set of maps to enough weapons to arm a company. Judging by the canon mentioned I suspect it's closer to the later then the former in this case.
Hezbollah bunker 2
Second picture: same as the first, picture: Entrance of the tunnel.
Hezbollah bunker 3
Third picture: same as the fist, picture: Entrance of the tunnel at a depth of about three meters, top which leads an Iron ladder. At the located bottom there is - according to the soldiers estimate - a change in the angle of the tunnel and there may by an underground continuation of it.
Hezbollah bunker 4
Fourth picture: same as the first, picture:The Tunnel's entrance cover - camoflauged and designed to be unnoticed in the ground (or maybe among the ground would be a more accurate translation of the phrase in context), also it under a tree.

P.S While I probably made a mistake or two in the translation or remove a mistake from the original I did my best to maintain the original quality of grammar so you can join me in guessing what whoever let this be released officially was smoking and why they couldn't find someone who could write Hebrew to write the captions for the pictures.

Back to me not my translator. I'm not clear whether these pictures were officially released or not - given the grammar I'm going to guess that they may be unofficial.

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