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Proportionate Responses

Inspired by this at the NRO's media blog, I thought it might be fun to look at some (dis)proportionate responses from the religion of submission.

Honour Killings

A woman (curiously in the religion of submission men are rarely able to be dishonourable) marries, plans to marry, has sex with, or even merely looks like she might be going to have sex with, someone that her family disapproves of. The only thing to do is to kill the bitch and, if possible, her husband/boyfriend to restore family honour as slaveholding scumbags devout muslims.

Not being raped

I think this is the Farsi for catch 22. A woman defends herself against gang rape and kills one of her attackers. She is sentenced to death. Of course if she had been raped then she would have dishonoured her family and ... (see above)

Coming out of the closet

One way that a man can be dishonourable is if he admits to being a poofter. At which point the religion of submission decrees that he and his boyfriend must be killed, lest they corrupt the morals of others.

Making a movie about women under Islam

Death to the film maker. This appears to be a version of honour killing

Writing or translating a book that "insults Muhammed"

Death to the translators, many death threats from the leaders of Muslim governments to the writer.

The Satanic Verses was first published in 1988. Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, Iran's political and spiritual leader of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, ruled that the book was blasphemous against Islam and issued a fatwa, or religious edict, calling for the death of Rushdie and all those involved in the book's publication with knowledge of its content. The Japanese translation was published in 1990.

An Italian translator of the book also suffered injuries in an attack in Milan several days before Igarashi's murder. In 1993, a Norwegian publisher was shot and severely injured in an attack outside of his house in Oslo. In Turkey, 37 people died when their hotel in Sivas was burned down by Muslims protesting against Rushdie's Turkish translator.

Oh and note that one of the political leaders wishing death on Mr Rishdie is a certain Hassan Nasrallah, c/o Hezbollah, Lebanon

Drawing an (insulting) picture of Muhammed

Draw a cartoon about Muhammed and all hell breaks loose. Protests with posters like "Behead those who insult Islam", boycotts of produce from the country whence the cartoonists come from etc. etc.

Rumors that someone somewhere stuck a koran in a toilet

Riots killing 15 people who had nothing to do with the alleged incident, along with the usual "death to infidels" posters etc. etc.

Holding a beauty contest

Riots including lynching anyone who might be a christian, burning churches etc. etc. Supposed spark: a newspaper article suggested that Muhammed would have wanted to marry one of the contestants. As a result of printing such an article the newspaper's offices are burned to the ground and the (female) journalist awarded with a fatwa calling for her death.

Being the wrong sort of Muslim

Death, death or, if lucky, merely systematic persecution. Oh and, bonus, don't forget that deciding to become a non-muslim may be another reason to be killed, and definitely will be if you attempt to convert others.

Some other Arab (but not Muslim) proportionate responses.

Hama, Syria

The goverment of Syria decides to stop the Muslim Brotherhood from agitating for a revolution by killing most of the residetns of the city of Hama, at least 20,000 people were killed.

Dujail, Iraq

An assasination attempt is made against Saddam Hussein in this village. 150 villagers are killed.

When you look at it this way, the Israeli response to an unprovoked attack that killed 8 and kidnapped 2 looks remarkably proportionate and right in line with Arab and/or Muslim tradition.

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