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21 Years Ago

The French sank the "Rainbow Warrior" in Auckland harbour. Greenpeace were upset with the French for their nuclear testing and were pretty upset with the idea of nuclear stuff in any form. Today they still seem to be against American nukes, and even Turkish nuclear power, but curiously silent when it comes to other countries such as a four letter one beginning with I and ending in ran. This peace campaign page fails to mention Iran and barely mentions North Korea or Pakistan. Indeed about the only place where they mention Iran is in this press release:

Vienna, Saturday, February 4, 2006- The International Atomic Energy Agency's  decision to report Iran to the UN Security Council will seriously increase the risk of escalating tensions in the region, Greenpeace said today.

"Reporting Iran to the UN Security Council has   created  a vacuum of confidence building, a situation that IAEA head ElBaradei said he was intent on avoiding,"  said Greenpeace nuclear analyst William Peden, speaking from IAEA headquarters in Vienna. "Board members supporting the EU-3 draft resolution have  effectively shot themselves in the foot.  The Iran crisis has been brought closer to the brink."

Somehow it is our fault that the Iranians want nuclear power and our responsibility to grovel before them so that they change their minds.

On the other hand Greenpeace isn't completely bad, it is doing something that almost no one else seems to be doing - attempting to stop the worst excesses of European fishermen and documenting the alarming declines in fish stocks.

I despise l'Escroc and Vile Pin