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03 July 2006 Blog Home : July 2006 : Permalink

Geoportail nearly alive

The French answer to Google Earth - Geoportail - which famously crashed about half an hour after going live last month has returned and almost works. My first attempt to see what my house looks like from the air did not inspire me with confidence:
Geoportail first attempt
but then after I'd visited Corsica I managed to get mainland France to display and started searching for my house.

The first thing I noticed was that I couldn't seem to enter anything more than the town name, although that could just be me, the second thing I noticed was that I don't seem to be able to bookmark a location (again maybe I'm missing something) and the third thing I noticed in playing around is that the latitude/longitude used in France is apparently a little different to other contries:
Nan Nan
Verdict: Nice try but still some way to go I'd say.

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