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28 June 2006 Blog Home : June 2006 : Permalink

Another Reason To Keep The Troops In Iraq

According to Michael Moore's website various moonbats such as Cindy Sheehan are going to go on some sort of hunger strike to get the Troops home.

Dear Friends,

GSFP and Code Pink are sponsoring a hunger strike for peace which begins July 04, called Troops Home Fast Some of us like Dick Gregory and Diane Wilson will be fasting until the troops come home from Iraq, and some, like me, will be fasting for a specified time. My fast will begin on 7/04 and end on the last day of Camp Casey: 09/02.

Unfortunately it looks like they won't be giving up all their food so they might survive but we can always hope. Anyway from the photo Michelle posted to accompany her post on this subject, it looks like Comrade Cindy could stand losing a few pounds....

Hat tip - Michelle
PS allagen information: this post contains sarcasm and may irritate nuts

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