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15 June 2006 Blog Home : June 2006 : Permalink

Rape A Stripper

Thanks to the black "victim" and the white prosecutor who needed re-election it now seems clear that if you want to gang rape someone then your best bet will probably be to arrange for a black stripper to show up for your party and then rape her because if she does accuse you of raping her she probably won't be believed - assuming of course you thik far enough ahead to muddy the medical evidence. I wrote something on those lines at the start of the Duke lacrosse team "rape" coverage and it now looks like what I wrote then is correct.

By effectively criminalizing sex jobs, as is the case in much of the USA, and by (now) making it likely that any complaint will be ignored the unfortunate women trapped at the bottom of this industry are at the mercy of their crminal pimps and dealers. [...] If you think, as most do, that rape is bad, that female exploitation is bad, then you need to think through your response so that you ensure that future reports are treated seriously. [...] The deal here is that if you end up getting people sympathising for some innocents who are accused of rape when it isn't then you end up getting people sympathising with scumbags who actually did rape women and sympathy for the accused when it is undeserved means that they will probably walk free and rape more women.

This emphatically not the case with what I wrote a week or so later, when I was misled by Mike Nifong's statements that appear to have been blatent lies contradicted by medical evidence (H/T La Shawn) that seem to indicate either that he is incompetant or that he prefers to slime the reputation of innocents in order to keep his job. Since, as I understand it, he only won the primary in May and will face the real election in November I would think that the voters of North Caroline have a clear duty to remove this scumbag from office then as La Shawn Barber requests.

However it seems to me that while Nifong has wrecked the lives and futures of at least 3 white male students, this is not by any means the worst thing he has done. By fanning the flames of publicity for what is (IMHO) now clearly a false accusation, he has done far worse for the all the women who work as strippers. If any stripper now claims that her client(s) raped her, she will face a huge mountain of disbelief and the medical / forensic evidence is going to have to be pretty much perfect for any prosecutor to consider taking the case to court. Furthermore I would imagine that a significant number of strippers who used to work without employing a minder/bodyguard will now run through the same calculation I have just done and decide that the risk isn't worth it. Since the cost of the bodyguard reduces the stripper's earnings either she's not going to get the same benefit from her job unless she and her fellow strippers can somehow increase their rates to compensate.

Furthermore, despite the various "privacy" laws, we know quite a lot about the background of both the strippers in the Duke case - black single mothers with criminal records - and as one of La Shawn's commenters wrote:

There is another issue with all this nonsense. There is a stereotype out there about black females as “ghetto baby-mamas” hypersexual, loud and without integrity. Many good decent smart and driven black females struggle against this stereotype every day of their lives. They must work that much harder to overcome this.

If you wanted to have a case that reinforced generally racist/sexist stereotypes this is it. If you wanted to keep your black women poor and abused it would be hard to imagine a better way to do so with the least amount of effort.

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