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The Shadow of the Olive Tree

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The Charity of Strangers

One of the lady bloggers on the blogroll to the left - Trish "countess" Wilson - is suffering a temporary cash flow crisis and is flat stony broke. All and any contributions greatfully received so that she and her hubby can continue to indulge in luxuries like food and over-priced residences in Massachusets. She is offering recipes and erotic fiction as a reward.

BTW one good reason to support her is that she does much to expose the collection of losers knows as Fathers4Justice and other Father's rights activists, a group of slefish people who have generally* been divorced by their spouses for good reason (wife battering etc.) yet who seem to think that they are entitled to sympathy and visitation rights to their children.

* no doubt there are some decent fathers who are in this group - and certainly there are decent fathers who get screwed over by their ex-spouses and the courts - but the ones that get coverage for their antics all seem to be scum

I despise l'Escroc and Vile Pin