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27 May 2006 Blog Home : May 2006 : Permalink

L'Escroc should be in Washington

President Chirac - aka l'Escroc - is known for getting his buddies on the Frnech constitutional court to agree that the President of te French Republic (i.e. a certain JC) is immune from investigation, let alone, prosecution while in office for crimes committed before he became President. This is convenient because had he not found this loophole he'd probably be the first serving French president to be jailed while in office.

However even l'Escroc has never quite tried to claim the sort of privileges that the US Congress appears to be claiming. Apparently, US congresscritters think they have a permenant get out of jail free card for things like drink driving or attacking policemen and their offices are sacrosanct and may not be investigated by any law enforcement agency. It is surely a sign of just how out of touch these idiots are that they don't seem to see that such privilege (originally from the latin lex privata - i.e. private law for friends of the roman emperor) irritates the people who vote for them and pay taxes for them to squander.

About the only redeeming feature of this whole sorry affair is that it seems that the FBI, the justice department and the various courts that have been asked all think that this latest privilege claim is bunk. I wonder whether some independant "clean hands" candidates (such as Martin Bell's candidacy in the UK a few years back) would win in some key seats?

I despise l'Escroc and Vile Pin