L'Ombre de l'Olivier

The Shadow of the Olive Tree

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27 May 2006 Blog Home : May 2006 : Permalink

New Blog Stuff

In what I hope will be a practically transparent change I have reworked the archives for this blog (in the process of noticing that they have been broken for a while), and modified the way I post things. Once google has gone through and revisited everything an entire archive list should become visible for all.

There are both plusses and minuses with using your own blog posting software. One of the problems is that when you make a change like this you have to get it working yourself and one reason (travelling in Japan is the other) why blogging has been sparse recently is that it took me longer than expected to get the change done right. On the other hand the plus is that I can design the system to work the way I want it to and it is - in general - far more secure and better at standing up under DoS attacks than some of the standard blogtools. So here's hoping I don't have to break things this drastically again...


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